Thomas' Plain Made With Whole Grain Bagel Review

Reviewed by Tanya Jackson | Jul 28, 2011
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Thomas' Plain Made With Whole Grain Bagel

I usually spend an hour or 2 a week cruising the supermarket aisles, paper and pen in hand, looking at products that strike my fancy. On my last excursion - two "made with whole grain" products caught my eye - Bimbo Whole Grain White Bread (Review) and Thomas' Plain Made With Whole Grain Bagel - Bimbo Bakeries is the parent company for both brands.

Serving Size: 1 bagel (95 grams)
Calories: 260
Total Fat: 2 grams, 3%
Saturated Fat: 0.5 grams, 3%
Sodium: 480 mg, 20%
Carbohydrates: 52 grams
Fiber: 3 grams, 12%
Sugars: 7 grams
Protein: 10 grams

I was intrigued mainly because of the marketing aspect. I mean "made with whole grains" doesn't mean it's the 1st or even 2nd ingredient - or even that it's a major player. In this case, whole wheat flour is the 3rd ingredient, behind unbleached enriched wheat flour and water (same as with Bimbo Whole Grain White Bread). That means that this too, is a closer relative to plain bagels in tems of taste and texture, than to a whole wheat bagel ... which would be more like a 2nd or 3rd cousin twice removed. In fact, it looked, felt and tasted just like a plain bagel to me.

Each 95 gram Thomas' Plain Made With Whole Grain Bagel provides 260 calories from 2 grams of fat (3% of the daily value), 0.5 grams of which is saturated (3% of the DV), 480 mg sodium (20% of the DV), 3 grams of fiber (12% of the DV). 7 grams of sugars and 10 grams of protein.

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Thomas' Plain Made With Whole Grain Bagel Review

Thomas Bagel Thins (100% Whole Wheat) Review

Reviewed by Tanya Jackson | Jul 13, 2010
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Thomas Bagel ThinsI've always been a big fan of bagels, though their high calorie count keeps me from indulging in them more often than about once a week. Recently, I spotted Thomas 100% Whole-Wheat Bagel Thins in the supermarket and I thought that this was such a clever idea. Since these were cheaper and easier to find than my go-to for healthy bagels, Western Alternative Bagels, I decided to give these a go.

Serving Size: 1 bagel (46 grams)
Calories: 110
Total Fat: 1 gram, 2%
Saturated Fat: 0%
Sodium: 190 mg, 8%
Carbohydrates: 24 grams
Fiber: 5 grams, 20%
Sugar: 3 grams
Protein: 6 grams

Each bagel thin provides 110 calories, 5 grams of fiber (20% of the daily value), 3 grams of sugars and 6 grams of protein. There's no HFCS,and whole-wheat flour is the first ingredient. Since I wanted to eat these as a bagel as opposed to using them like a regular sandwich thin, I popped one into my toaster and broke out The Laughing Cow Light Spreadable Original Swiss Cheese Flavor Wedges. After my thin popped up, I spread on some creamy goodness, took a bite, and was thoroughly disappointed so sad.

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Thomas Bagel Thins (100% Whole Wheat) Review

Thomas' Light Whole Grain English Muffins Review

Reviewed by Tanya Jackson | Mar 5, 2009
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Thomas Light Whole Grain English MuffinsCarbohydrates have and always will be a part of my life. That said, I am always looking for a viable option to create a healthier sandwich, or pizza, or any type of creative meal that features a form of bread! Although I usually stick to the standard issue whole wheat bread, sometimes it is fun to branch out with other options. Whether it be a breakfast Mc-muffin, lunch sandwich, or dinner "pizza", Thomas Light Whole Grain English Muffins fit the bill perfectly!

They are soft, nutty, and chewy at the same time, making the perfect heat and eat treat with some jam, or a more hearty fare. I have experimented with these muffins for breakfast, toasting them with a bit of cooked egg whites and cheese, for lunch smeared with hummus and veggies, and for dinner, which is my personal favorite - topping each muffin half with a bit of sauce, some low fat mozzarella cheese, and veggie topping, and you have the ultimate comfort food, pizza, with a nutritional punch and many less calories!

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Thomas' Light Whole Grain English Muffins Review


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