Greek Gods Nonfat Plain Greek Yogurt Review

Reviewed by Tanya Jackson | Oct 6, 2008

Greek Gods Nonfat Plain Greek YogurtCall me primitive, sheltered, ignorant, but up until a couple weeks ago, I was a 23-year-old Greek yogurt virgin. Cue the condescending collective gasp. Then sitting in a Pax Wholesome Foods with a couple friends, one shelled out $2.95 for a 6 ounce Oikos Organic Greek Yogurt. I tried a bite and wrinkled my nose. She did the same. It tasted like plain old sour cream.

Fast forward a few weeks, and there I was at Whole Foods in front of the yogurt section. I decided to give Greek yogurt another try and grabbed Greek Gods Nonfat Plain Greek Yogurt which cost $1.49 for a 6 ounce container. After I bought it, I eagerly peeled back the foil, which showed a sketch of Poseidon - although my own enthusiasm for Greek mythology led me to believe he was ruler of the sea, apparently I was mistaken and he is actually the ruler of nonfat plain Greek yogurt.

That little tidbit aside, the yogurt was white and there was no nasty liquid on top, so that was a plus. Now that I knew what to expect from Greek yogurt, when I took a bite I was not caught off guard by the tart, acidic taste. It was, however, a bit lumpy, so I mixed it vigorously, which seemed to do the trick, but while I still did not like it, I did not despise it either (nor did I finish it). Instead, I took my other container, decided to commit blasphemy and mix in sweetener. I did what I tend to do with any other vanilla yogurt: mixed in sugar-free apple flavored drink mix and some cinnamon, and popped it in the freezer to try it as apple cinnamon frozen yogurt. I almost never eat yogurt unfrozen anyway ... and there it sits as I type this.

Meanwhile, the half-eaten container sits beside me and I have a good look at the stats, for the millionth time. They lead me to believe that perhaps this yogurt is NOT actual Greek yogurt, as the nutrition facts are fairly far off the other brands of nonfat Greek yogurt I have seen. A 6 oz container gives you 60 calories, 30-40 less than the others. That is not bad at all, but why? Where did the calories go? They obviously didn't come from fat, since I am comparing the nonfat versions of both. The sugars content is relatively similar, about 7 grams in each. However, kudos to Greek Gods Yogurt for adding in 2 grams of fiber where the other brands have none. The total carbohydrate count is 10 grams, including the fiber, which is still pretty darn good for the counters out there. Then I see the reason for the lower calorie - there is a huge drop in protein content. The 6 grams in this container are not shabby, but nowhere near the 14-15 grams found in Fage, Oikos, and the others. Tell me, dear readers, where did the protein go?

Like I said, I'm still not a big fan of Greek yogurts, but they seem to have a bit of a cult following. Am I really wrong for preferring the sweetened Yoplait and Dannon yogurts that I have come to know and love?!

Taste: 2
Nutrition: 4
Price: 3
Overall: 2.5
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