CarbDown Light Original Flavor Flatout Wraps Review

Reviewed by Tanya Jackson | Mar 3, 2009

Original Carbdown Light Flatout WrapsFlat bread wraps have recently come into vogue as an alternative to sandwiches because of the thinner "bread" component. I like flat breads for their standalone taste and for their lack of crumbs. I thought these Original Carbdown Light Flatout Wraps would be a good way to minimize my caloric intake while enjoying a huge piece of flatbread. Sadly, I was mistaken.

Each piece of flat bread is just slightly smaller than an 8.5 x 11 inch piece of paper and is advertised on the bag to be 90 calories, which really enticed me. After taking my first bite, I initially thought it tasted okay, but as I ate more, I realized that there was indeed an aftertaste characteristic of some low carb foods that include artificial sweeteners. When I tasted that distinct aftertaste, the large size of the flat bread became a major disadvantage, and I was absolutely not pleased.

As advertised on the bag, each whole grain CarbDown Light Flatout Wrap contains 90 calories and 6 grams of net carbs. There are 2.5 grams of fat, none of which are saturated, no cholesterol and 420 milligrams of sodium (17% of the daily value). Each piece also has 16 grams of carbohydrates, which includes 9 grams of dietary fiber (60% of the DV), 1 gram of sugar alcohol (maltitol), no sugars, plus 9 grams of protein. This product is approved by Bestlife by Bob Greene, Oprah's fitness guru.

I purchased a pack with 6 wraps for $3.59 at Kroger. Perhaps starchy foods made with sugar alcohols are an acquired taste, but I thought this product's aftertaste was just horrible. I suppose this could be a satisfactory product for someone on a low carb diet, but as a person who just likes healthy, tasty eating, the Original Carbdown Light Flatout Wraps do not really fit my taste.

Taste: 1
Nutrition: 5
Price: 3
Overall: 2
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