Quaker Oatmeal (Lower Sugar Fruit and Cream) Review

Reviewed by Tanya Jackson | Feb 23, 2009

Quaker Oatmeal Lower Sugar Fruit & CreamFor me, the morning usually starts off with a bowl of oatmeal and since this is a regular occurrence, I make it many different ways and try many different varieties so I don't get bored with it. While shopping at Albertsons supermarket with my mom one day, we spotted a box Quaker's Low Sugar Fruit and Cream. This was the first time I had spotted this variety pack, which included Strawberry and Peach flavored oatmeal, so naturally I wanted to try some! And it was just my luck that they were on sale for 10 for $10!

As soon as we got home, I went to the kitchen to try my new discovery. First up was the strawberry flavor. When I opened the packet of oatmeal, I noticed that the dried fruit pieces mixed in with the oatmeal was quite evident.This went into a bowl along with 2/3 cups of water, which was then microwave for about 90 seconds. When I opened the microwave, a sweet aroma of strawberries filled my entire kitchen. It smelled so good that I actually burnt my tongue from ignoring the heat. And WOW this is probably the best oatmeal I have ever had. I could taste the individual pieces of "strawberries" and even though this oatmeal is "lower sugar" it was still really sweet and creamy - just absolutely perfect. I enjoyed this so much that I also wanted to try the peach variety, but I was so full that I couldn't. However, the next morning, I did try the peach flavor and it was just as good at the strawberry ... just peachy.

Each 35 gram packet of Quaker Oatmeal Lower Sugar Fruit and Cream has 130 calories, 3 grams of total fat including 0.5 gram of saturated fat (4% of the daily value), 230 mg of sodium (9% of the DV), 4 grams of protein and 25 grams of carbohydrates which includes 3 grams of fiber (11% of the RDA) and 6 grams of sugars.

The fruit pieces are actually flavored apple - no strawberries or peaches in this - and I did spot partially hydrogenated soybean oil way down in the ingredients list. The sweeteners are sugar and sucralose (Splenda).

I really enjoyed this lower sugar version of Quaker Oats, and if you're an instant quick oats person like me, then give this variety a try. Luckily it's also something that you can easily duplicate if you make stovetop oats - and then you can add real strawberries and peaches, fresh or dried - check out Funky Monkey Freeze Dried Fruit Snacks, Mariani Tropical Medley Dried Fruit Snack or Brothers All Natural Strawberry Banana Fruit Crisps.

Taste: 5
Nutrition: 4.5
Price: 5
Overall: 5
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